Post-exhaust training method basically involves a compound exercise followed by an isolation exercise.

An example of this is a chin up paired with a straight-arm press down (to further fatigue the lats) or biceps curl (to further fatigue the arms). The idea behind this method of training is to further fatigue the major or minor muscle group involved in the compound exercise.

Causing maximal temporary exhaustion in a muscle result in more muscle damage and the accumulation of more metabolic by-products, both of which are important in muscle building.

But be careful not to overdo it with this type of training. With this in mind, ease into this specific type of training method.


  • Muscle recruitment is being used maximally throughout the session
  • Increase muscle growth + strength
  • Adds variety to your training
  • Can help to burn fat
  • You are getting double the work on the big prime mover and only one set of work on the smaller synergist
  • The compound exercise requires more energy, so doing this first, whilst you are fresh my allow for more muscle recruitment
  • This is good to maintain core engagement if the compound movement has a higher risk of injury i.e. deadlift